Guizhou, China

Master of Engineering graduate, University of Sydney

Why AOJI: highest reputation in Australia!


WEI Yongxin (WEI Yuan's parent)

Beijing, China

WEI Yuan is studying at Curtin University of Technology

Choose AOJI: comprehensive and professional services between China and Australia make parents relieved!


LIANG Lingling

Hebei, China

Master of Applied Science student, University of Sydney

Choose AOJI: professional, patient and keen team!





Beijing, China

Master of Accounting graduate, University of Wollongong

Choose AOJI: package services of study overseas and immigration are best and trustworthy.


LI Qingzhu

Hebei, China

Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Management student, Swinburne University of Technology

Choose AOJI: very good and strong! Australian HSC student can also enjoy excellent services in Melbourne.





Shanghai, China

Master of Accounting graduate, Macquarie University

Choose AOJI: excellent services. Famous among overseas students!




YANG Xiaojuan

Beijing, China

RMIT student

Choose AOJI: famous study overseas and immigration company in China and overseas. Favored and trusted by parents and students for years!


Henan, China

Bachelor of IT graduate, Central Queensland University

Choose AOJI: have up-to-date study overseas and immigration information as well as professional and reliable services which make me indeed have nothing to worry about!



Jiangxi, China

Master of Law student, University of Sydney

Choose AOJI: go abroad is just the beginning. AOJI has office in Sydney which makes me feel at home!







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