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1. Big surprise for students who would like to apply Visa 485

After graduation, some students decide to keep studying master degree, some decide to back to their own countries and some decide to apply visa 485 to work in Australia.

But do you know how to deal with your insurance?

Firstly, you need to know the difference between OSHC and OVHC

OVHC (Overseas Visitor Health Cover)

OSHC Allianz1

If students decide to apply for temporary working visa (485), OVHC is necessary. Same as OSHC, the period of OVHC has to cover the whole period of working visa.

Most OVHC cover as follow:

100% cover for emergency ambulance

100% cover for hospital

100% cover for medical repatriation

OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)

OSHC Allianz2

International students must hold OSHC when they are studying in Australia. If students postpone the timing of graduation due to transferring to another university, applying a new degree or fail the courses, they need to apply new COE for the new student visa. At the same time, their OSHC must be extend as well.

Next, does insurance need to be activated or cancelled?

So far, all the OSHC and OVHC in Australia do not need to be activated. Once the holders buy the insurance, it may be activated automatically.

Furthermore, once students decide back to their own countries, they do not need to make any actions. Their insurance may failure after expiration day.

What is the best timing to buy the insurance?

From 1st December in 2017 to 31st March in 2018, as long as buying the OVHC for visa 485, holders can get $50 Gift card.

OSHC Allianz3

If you just graduate this year, if you ready to apply for visa 485 and do not know to buy which insurance, we recommend buying Allianz insurance.

Allianz is the biggest insurance company in Australia. The student insurance that most international students hold is from Allianz. What is more, Allianz has more claim spots and has more co-operation doctor list. Therefore, most international residents hold Allianz insurance as their essential insurance in Australia.

If you would like to buy Allianz OVHC, please come to Aoji Australia office. When you apply for visa 485, our professional consultants will buy it for you.

OSHC Allianz4

2. 485 graduate temporary visa

visa 485_01

1. Who is eligible?

you must be younger than 50 years of age

you must hold an eligible visa

you must have included in your application evidence that you have met the English language requirement

you must meet the Australian study requirement in the last six months

you must meet health and character requirements.

you must have health insurance in Australia

you must meet the specific requirements of the stream in which you are applying for this visa.

2. How to apply

Please bring your completion letter, transcription, IELTS score, passport, and birth certificate to AOJI office. We will help you to apply.

After whole procedure, the consultant will help student to buy OVHC for their visa.

In case some students do not know what is OVHC, here are some briefly introduction of it.

What is OVHC?

In Australia, who hold graduation temporary visa must have OVHC (Overseas Visitor Health Cover). This insurance will cover the whole duration of visa and each insurance will cover different services.

visa 485_02

Allianz is the biggest insurance company in Australia. The student insurance that most international students hold is from Allianz. What is more, Allianz has more claim spots and has more co-operation doctor list. Therefore, most international residents hold Allianz insurance as their essential insurance in Australia.

Who need OVHC?

You decide to stay in Australia after you graduate

You are a guardian for a person on a student visa

You are studying but have a tourist or working holiday visa

What is covered?

100% cover for emergency ambulance

100% cover for hospital

100% cover for medical repatriation

What is not covered?


Physiotherapy and chiropractics

Contact lenses and eye glass prescriptions

How to use?

In Australia, local doctor is called a general practitioner (GP). Only if patient is an emergency condition, patient will go to hospital and all the treatment and accommodation are covered.

Insurance holder may find the nearest GP on the GP list which shows on the insurance websites. Besides, if the patients would like to find a doctor in public holidays, weekends, or evenings, Allianz provides home doctor service (Visitors Plus members only).

How to claim?

Print a claim form from website  complete the form including OVHC policy number  email to insurance company

Claim on insurance spot

3. Q&A

1. If I leave Australia for a period, can I stop my insurance?

Students pay for the insurance fee monthly. When they back to their own country, they may ask insurance company to stop their insurance temporary.

2. I enrolled 2 years course, but I only study 1.5 years because of exemption. Am I still eligible for 485 visa?

No. student is not eligible if they study in Australia for less than 2 years. Therefore, if students would like to exempt the course, please do not exempt more than one course.

3. I studied Bachelor degree in Australia, and went to other country to be an exchange student. Am I still eligible for 485 visa?

The basic requirement to apply 485 visa is to study in Australia for 2 years. Thus, if students are as exchange students in other country and study less than 2 years in Australia, they are not eligible to apply 485 visa.

3. Unusual EOI invitation on 20th September 2017

Due to a technical issue no invitations will be issued to accounting professions in the round of 4/10/2017. Invitations to accounting professions will be issued on resolution of the issue and the delay will not affect overall numbers.

UnusualEOI 1

27th September, Australia Government department of Immigration and Border Protection public the result of invitation.

UnusualEOI 2

UnusualEOI 3

Stunningly, the score for inviting accounting up to 85 and this is not the common situation. If student would like to get 85 points, they need to finish Professional Year, NAATI, meet 8 for individual ban in IELTS, and another extra 5 marks to get 85 points. In fact, it is hard to achieve.

We believe some people submit the application with fake information and lead to this situation.

On the same time, Australia Government update NSW 190 Priority Skilled Occupation List-2017-2018 Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190):

The popular occupations are still on the list.

The following occupations are removed:

133112 Project Builder

133513 Production Manager (Mining)

134213 Primary Health Organisation Manager

224512 Valuer

231212 Ship's Engineer

231213 Ship's Master

231214 Ship's Officer

232212 Surveyor

232213 Cartographer

232214 Other Spatial Scientist

234111 Agricultural Consultant

234113 Forester

234912 Metallurgist

241512 Teacher of the Hearing Impaired

241513 Special Education Teachers nec

251311 Environment Health Officer

251312 Occupational Health & Safety Adviser

4. 2017/2018 Financial Year

In this financial year, only one major pops on the occupation list: 262112 ICT security specialist

Migration (IMMI 17/072: Specification of Occupations and Assessing Authorities) Instrument 2017:

Combined list of eligible skilled occupations for subclasses 457 and 186:

Tasmania's state nomination policy alters




5. Skilled – Recognized Graduate (Temporary) Visa (subclass 476)

This visa allows recent engineering graduates of recognized institutions to gain up to 18 months of skilled work experience,

SRG476visa 1

Who can get this visa:

SRG476visa 2

Appliers have to complete their engineering qualification at recognized education institution.

SRG476visa 3

6. Business visa

Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132)

Business visa_01

132 visa has two streams.

Business visa_02

Business visa_03

188 – 888

Business visa_04

Total has 4 streams. Applier can apply 188 visa first and apply for 888 visa as soon as they complete the condition to transfer.

Business visa_05

Business visa_06

Business visa_07

Business visa_08

Need more information, please check:

132 visa:

188 visa:

888 visa:

7. EOI new policy announcement

In late 2013, the department conducted an evaluation of occupational ceiling to assess how they have operated to date and to consider changes to ensure they are performing their intended function.

Based on feedback received as part of the evaluation, the following changes will be in place form 1 March 2014:

  • State and territory nominated visas will no longer be subject to occupational ceiling limitations
  • The minimum ceiling for each occupational group will be 1000 invitations

As there are still high levels of interest from prospective skilled migrations in the following six occupations, pro rata arrangements for these occupational groups will continue:

  • Chemical and Materials Engineers
  • Electronics Engineers
  • Other Engineering Professionals
  • ICT Business and Systems Analysts
  • Software and Applications Programmers
  • Telecommunications Engineering Professionals

Details of the cut-offs for these occupations will continue to be included in the regular invitation round reports.


8. International student VISA framework

A simplified international student VISA framework commences the 1st July 2016.

Student Visa_Framework

9. Significant Investor Visa

The Australian Government has announced a new visa pathway for migrant investors coming to Australia. This visa will commence from 24 November 2012.

The significant investor visa will be part of the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Subclass 188) visa and the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) (Subclass 888) visa.

Visa applicants must:

  • submit an expression of interest in SkillSelect
  • be nominated by a state or territory government
  • make investments of at least five million Australian dollars into complying investments.

Visa applicants do not need to satisfy the innovation points test and there are no upper age limits. The visa stream features a residence requirement of 160 days spent in Australia over four years while holding the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (subclass 188) visa.

Visa holders can extend their visa term if they would like to. They will be allowed to extend their provisional visa by an additional two years, with a maximum of two extensions permitted.


Source: DIAC and IMMI websites


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